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Carpet OneThe flooring investment is done. You finally got the carpet you have been dreaming about for a long time. It is possible that with all the excitement of having a new carpet you haven’t thought about the key component that will make it look as good as new for many years to come: carpet cleaning. Did you know that not giving your carpet the proper maintenance can void the warranty? Don’t worry because the team at Newport Floor Covering has you covered. We partnered up with Carpet One Cleaning, a professional, full-service carpet, and floor care company that has been offering customers in the area the best service since 1998. How often do carpets need to get cleaned? What is the recommended method? We tell you more here! 

Leave Carpet Cleaning to the Experts!

 Carpet cleaning is a task for professionals. It’s more than renting some random equipment to do it yourself. Carpet warranties clearly state that the carpet must be cleaned by IICRC certified cleaners with truck mounted, hot steam extracted cleaners every 18-24 months. Hot Water Extraction (HWE), also known as “steam cleaning,” is a residential carpet cleaning method that uses high-pressure to drive hot water and detergent to the carpet. It is important to highlight that HWE is the only professional cleaning method that will maintain your carpet warranty valid. 

How Frequent should Carpet get Cleaned? 

Depending how active your home is, it will depend how frequently you should get your carpets cleaned. The foot traffic in a house with little kids running around is not the same as the traffic in a house with a couple. Our recommendation is to set a reminder to get this done once a year. Besides being a process that needs to be done for warranty purposes, it’s an essential step to make sure your floors won’t be the cause for any health issues. If you have any questions regarding carpet cleaning and its costs, contact us today at 949-529-2711 or fill out the form on this page and one of our flooring consultants will be in touch.