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Choosing the Right Vacuum

Now that you have found the perfect carpet for your home, and you’ve had it in your home for a while, it’s time to give it its first vacuum. You may already have a vacuum that you have been using for years on your old rug, but not all vacuums are made to clean every type of rug. The experts at Newport Floor Covering can help you determine if the vacuum you have can cause damage to your rug in the long term. We also provide other expert carpet maintenance services and advice.

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Below we have a few tips provided from Mohawk and Karastan to help you choose the right vacuum for your home.

When selecting a new vacuum, look for a product that features an adjustable height. This enables the vacuum to be used on almost all carpet types. If your vacuum is adjusted too high, it cannot remove any gritty soil below. If you set your vacuum too low, the beater bar can cause your carpet to become worn and frayed. Make sure your vacuum features efficient airflow, and that it has large wheels for easy gliding.

If you are unsure about your current vacuum, or need help determining a safe vacuum to purchase, look for the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) Seal of Approval.

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