Choosing the Right Commercial Flooring

commercial flooring

When it comes to choosing the right floor, it is important to think about its purpose. Is the idea to create a lively feel for the building? Is this a professional workplace atmosphere? Is this going to be a residential site? After all, a bank is going to require different flooring than a medical office or an apartment building. It is important to think about noise, maintenance, and longevity.


Reflect on whether or not noise is going to be distracting to the people inside. Carpet will absorb the impact of shoes well. On the other hand, most hard surfaces will lead to some level of noise. When it comes to flooring installation for meeting rooms, offices, and other places where people's focus is important, soft carpet may be a better choice. If it is an open walkway where people are just passing through, the degree of noise may not be relevant. In this situation, tile might be an acceptable choice. Think about how much noise is acceptable in a particular location before making a decision.


When it comes to putting in commercial flooring, the cost of upkeep is important. Carpet absorbs odors and stains, making it challenging to clean. Therefore, in any location with regular food or drink, a carpet may not be the best choice because spills are bound to happen. On the other hand, hard surfaces do not absorb liquid and are easier to clean with a mop or towel. Also, tile, planks, or something with a set structure is much easier to lay down. These can be replaced if needed. Carpet is much more difficult to put in and take out. Think about maintenance before laying down something that requires more of it.


Each type of flooring has their lifespan. Because carpet is prone to developing unsightly stains and pungent odors, they have to be deep cleaned or replaced quickly. More versatile flooring, such as laminate and vinyl, can be used in many different ways but also do not last as long. These surfaces are prone to peeling. While tile and wood are more expensive, they can also take a significant amount of stress and thus will last longer. Consider the lifespan of the surface before completing a flooring installation. 

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