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Transform your stairs with a custom design made by Newport Floor Covering.

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Stair Runners at Newport Floor Covering

Carpet offers a world of possibilities for your home, including the opportunity to give your stairs a unique touch with a custom stair runner. Adding a carpet runner to your staircase will take them from something ordinary into an elegant focal point in your home. The experts at Newport Floor Covering can make the design you envision for your stairs a reality. It's very easy! Just bring a picture of the design you want or if you don’t have one, sit down with our designer and together work to make your dream a reality. We are sure that with our help the outcome will be a stunning masterpiece that will get the attention of all your visitors.

Custom Stair Runners also Provide Protection

Another great reason to have custom stair runners installed at your home is safety. Why? Because carpets provide traction. For example, during rainy days, wooden floors, especially painted wood floors tend to get slippery when they’re wet or when you have moisture on your shoes. If your house has a lot of activity, like kids going up and down regularly, this traction will give you a little more peace-of-mind. Also, they are an excellent way to protect your stairs. 

Are you convinced that carpet stair runners are the next home renovation project for your home? This is a task you need to leave in the hands of the best flooring professionals! For a free estimate and more information on costs and installation, visit our store today located at 333 E 17th Street Units 12B 13, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 or fill out the form on this page and one of our flooring experts will be in touch.

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