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Carpet in Costa Mesa, CA

Carpet is comfort, style, and warmth all wrapped into on flooring product. It is the top flooring option for many homes across the country! Carpet is made to be durable, wear-resistant, and stain-resistant, making it a long-lasting option in your home. Our large carpet selection offers endless possibilities of colors, textures, and patterns. At Newport Floor Covering in Costa Mesa, CA, we carry only top-quality carpet brands and products for our customers. You can even shop our current carpet selection online! Whether you’re looking for a modern or timeless style, carpet continues to be a popular choice because of its unmatched ability to look great with any decor style in any room of your home.


Carpet Types

A durable carpet is made to withstand the heaviest foot traffic and resists staining from accidental spills. We carry many different types of carpets that are meant for a variety of interiors. Our carpet is made from fibers twisted and cut into different piles so you can find the best look that feels great in your home. Carpet fibers can be made from different materials, impacting how the carpet looks and feels. It also can affect the stain resistance of the carpet and its long-term durability. This is why we only carry the best. The five main types of fibers you’ll find in our flooring store are:






Is Carpet Pet-Friendly?

Your pets enjoy the softness of carpet just as much as you do, but they are not the ones having to vacuum their fur out. Many of our customers are also pet owners, and we are often asked, do you have a pet-friendly carpet? The answer is yes, of course! Our selection of pet-friendly carpets includes options that are resistant to staining, moisture, and pet odors. They feature lower pile styles that make them easier to vacuum. Installing a new pet-friendly carpet in your home will not only update your space but will also allow all family members to enjoy time together on your floors.

Where Can Carpet Be Installed?

Carpet can be installed throughout your home, bringing warmth and comfort. Bedrooms, living rooms, and offices are ideal for carpets, but other spaces shouldn’t be ruled out, depending on the home and the features of the carpet. Carpet isn’t recommended for kitchen and bath for obvious reasons. Stain-resistant and pet-friendly carpets can be installed in higher-traffic areas like dining rooms, stairs, and hallways. Got a home office? Consider a commercial-grade, patterned carpet to spend more time on the bottom line and fewer hours worrying about dirt and debris.


Once you’ve installed new carpet flooring, it’s time to give it its first vacuum. You may already have a vacuum that you have been using for years on your old rug, but not all vacuums are made to clean every type of rug. Our experts can help you determine if the vacuum you have might cause damage to your rug in the long term.


Our Carpet Selection

Newport Floor Covering boasts one of the region’s most impressive inventories of carpet flooring and carpet cleaning services. As proud members of Carpet One Floor & Home, the continent’s largest cooperative of independent flooring stores, we offer each customer buying power, friendly and local services, and fair product pricing. We carry all your favorite carpet brands, including some Carpet One Floor & Home exclusives that are only sold in our stores. Browse our beautiful flooring displays by LEES, Tigressa, and many more!